About the Red Devils

The Red Devils are a laid back, mature, and progressive raiding guild that is focused on experiencing and clearing end game content in World of Warcraft. While our ambitions are high, many of us are part of the older crowd and understand players have lives outside the game such as school, families, and careers. 

The guild was created at the height of vanilla raiding as <Red Devils> on the realm Gorefiend and became the home of veteran raiders from the guilds <Nightshift> and <Elite Mercenaries>. We continued to uphold our status as a raiding guild by clearing content throughout all of BC, Wrath, Cata, and Warlords. We moved to Sargeras in mid-2016 under the name <The Red Devils> and have continued to clear content in Legion.

Current raid recruitment status: Open

Raiding schedule: Thursday 8:00-10:00PM, Friday 8:30-wheneverPM (EST)

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